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AP-527 Commercial CornDog Waffle Iron | 6 Waffle Hotdogs on Sticks

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This Corn Dog Waffle Maker is designed to bake 6 Waffle Hot Dogs at once. Highly conductive cast iron plate with even heat distribution can provide fresh golden grid Waffles on a Stick in only 5 minutes! On the side of each Waffle grid, there are pre-made small openings, so you can insert the stick at the beginning of the baking process. Non-stick coating protects waffles from burning. This Waffle Hotdog Machine is made of 201 stainless steel and works on 110V or 220V (1500W). The appliance created the ideal temperature to cook your Waffle Dogs till they achieve the perfect shade of golden brown. Each waffle size is 135 by 35 MM (5.2 by 1.25 inches).