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ALDKitchen Nonstick Electric Egg Biscuit Roll Machine|Baking Tools|Roll Ice Cream Cone Maker (Classic waffle)

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Nonstick Electric Ice Cream Cone Machine Egg Roll Maker 110V Our Electric Ice Cream Cone Machine Egg Roll Maker is made of stainless steel and non-stick coating material, easy cleaning, durable and environmental protection. Internal temperature protector is reliable and safe. With the advantages of clean, sanitation, easy operation and power saving, the egg roll maker is ideal for commercial and household. Application Our electric egg roll maker is applicable to the places, such as market, supermarket, the cold drink store, snack shop and public house etc; can also be widely used in organization,school,restaurant, cafeteria processing departments and individual restaurants, making all kinds of egg rolls.

How To Use:
1. Prepare the raw material. 
2. Turn the unit on and adjust the temperature to 200℃ (the temperature at which the baked egg is heated, which may take a few minutes to warm up). 
3. Open the template above the machine, brush amount of edible oil evenly on the two templates respectively. 
4. Pour batter evenly from above, until the batter cover the whole piece of uniform, close the top template. 
5. Bake for 1-3 minutes. 
6. Open the above template and remove the egg with the food clip.
7. Use the cone model to roll it. After cooling to complete the formation. A delicious egg roll done.